10 Tips for the 'Perfect Proposal'

Are you planning to pop the question soon? It’s a really exciting time, but it also can feel overwhelming! There’s a lot of pressure to make it this Hollywood moment but don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here’s our top tips for ensuring it’s a day to remember - and to (hopefully) make sure you get a yes!

1. Don’t just wing it!
Your fiancee will talk about this moment for years - make sure it’s a story worth sharing. Take a bit of time to think through when and where you want to ask the question. Is there somewhere really special to the both of you?

2. Ask for permission?
It might seem dated but have a think about your future in-laws. Would they appreciate a heads up? If so, do it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

3. Consider the bling!
When it comes to rings who knows where to start? If you’re a confident you know your partners style and they’ll love what you pick then go for it. If not, don’t worry - your partner will appreciate just as much that you value their preference to let them pick the right ring. Remember, they’re going to be wearing this for the rest of their lives! Perhaps have a sentimental ring (a grandparents for example) so they’ve something on the day, but if all else fails a Haribo ring!

4. Think about what you want to say in advance.
You can plan the most amazing day but find yourself dry mouthed at the actual moment that matters. Out top tips are to share the reasons you love them and recall a special time when you knew they were the one. 

5. Do it right!
Muddy knee? Get yourself down on one knee, they deserve to feel like the most special person in the universe at that moment!

6. Capture the moment!
Is your potential partner the type that would want photos of you down on one knee? If so, ask a friend to discreetly snap some pics if possible. These can be precious keepsakes for years to come

7. Know their preference.
Would it be perfect just the two of you, or would they like some family and friends near by to share in the moment. Even if you do invite others to celebrate be sure to take sometime to yourselves to just enjoy this moment together as well. 

8. Make sure your partner is prepared! They’ll thank you later if you make sure they’re not in joggers and a t-shirt. This is one of the most special moments of their life, they won’t want to feel like a slob.

9. Pick the right time! Perhaps you’ve planned this great night but your partner comes back after a particularly terrible day at work. Don’t be afraid to change your plans if something unexpected crops up, or your perfect proposal may be the remedy. Trust your gut. 

10. Remember to breathe. This may seem like the scariest moment in your life but (hopefully) you know your partner well enough that you love and trust each other. Go with your gut on what you know them to like and enjoy the day!

There you have it, our 10 tips for ensuring your proposal is a day to remember and that you (hopefully) get a yes! If you are popping the question soon do share your experience with us and, of course when it comes to picking wedding cars we are here for you.